Friday, November 07, 2008

Can I have Martha Stewart's job?

Ok, I'm not interested in some of the things featured on her show, but I've noticed recently that Martha gets to have a lot of amazing children's authors and illustrators on her show. Have you noticed that?

Matthew Reinhardt and Robert Sabuda have been on the show multiple times. You can learn how to make Christmas cards with them here, and Valentine's Day cards with Matthew here.

Matthew Van Fleet was recently on the show making moving Dog cards.

Fancy Nancy Author Jane O'Connor made felt purses with Martha

Last week David Macaulay was on talking about his new book The Way We Work.

Jon Sciezska was on the show in August discussing some suggestions for way to make reading fun for your kids (fast forward through the video clip a little bit to see the segment with Jon).

The video clips are a fun way for kids to see some of their favorite authors, and the projects are pretty fun too.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the first time I have envied Martha Stewart. She got Jon Sciezka on her show. I am jealous. The man is one of my heros in the literature world for motivating kids to read.

I am new to book blogging, but my love of literature is deep. My sister and I started our blog about a month ago. I trying to meet more people through blogging and have taken the challenge from Mother Reader to make comments on other people's blogs. Otherwise I would hide behind my shyness. So here I am.

Great blog!

Christine said...

I'm not so much jealous of Martha as grateful. A girl can only take so much crochetng and pastry crust, but kids' books- bring it on! Thanks for the link to the pop up cards. I plan to share it with my eiight year old who adores her Sabuda books!

Faith W said...

Oh yeah, cushy job! Would still love to go see her show with you sometime. Do you think she knows how good she has it?