Friday, February 09, 2007

A Pigeon Doll!

I love to surround myself with all things children's literature related so I've decided to start posting about some of the fun children's literature related products that I come across. I know some of you are groaning about the marketing ploys of some big publishers, but I love the idea of t-shirts and toys that tie into books. They inspire all sort of conversations with people you might have never known were fans of the same literature, and the toys help kids expand their imaginations as they come up with new adventures for their favorite characters (and search studies prove that when kids can step into a story and pretend to be the characters their reading comprehension gows way up).

That said, here's the find that I'm most excited about today:

Mo Willems' character are becoming stuffed animals! Check them out on his blog! I just bought fabric to attempt to make my nephew a stuffed Leonardo because that's his favorite book character, but it looks like I can spare myself the work. And who doesn't need Pigeon? Mo says the dolls will be available to the public in late March/early April.

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