Friday, February 09, 2007

March - Fantasy

We will be meeting at Jessica's house in March to discuss fantasy books. If any of you on the membership list have been wanting to join the group, but have been intimidated by the number of books that we read, this might be a great month for you to start because we are going to scale back a little and we will only be reading two books this month. You can find time to read two chapter books, right? Even if you can only find time to read one, we’d be happy to have you at our discussion. Both books should be widely available at the library so hurry and check them out!

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (which also happens to be one of the books being turned into a movie this year)

If you finish those and are looking for another suggestion, try Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge. It won’t be a big part of our discussion, but you might enjoy it anyway.

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fusenumber8 said...

Yay, Fly By Night!