Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bridge to Terebithia the movie

I know many of you have seen the previews for Bridge to Terebithia and thought the same thing I did, "WHAT? This movie is supposed to be based on the book right? I mean, it has the same title, but I don't remember it being a fantasy adventure!"

Well, a while ago Fuse #8 posted that she heard from friends that the movie actually sticks fairly close to the book and a group of librarians who caught a preview of the movie were happy with it. Add to that this article about the movie by School Library Journal, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing the movie.

The advertising seems fairly misleading and I wonder how many kids will be disappointed when the major plot of the movie takes place in the "real" world.


Anonymous said...

I was just having this conversation wtih a fellow librarian this morning. Children (and adults) that have actually read the book first are going to end up quite disappointed when they realize that a majority of the plot does not take place in "fantasy land." Not to mention the ending is not exactly happy! There is no indication to this ending in the previews...which could make for some unhappy parents as well. Who knows, maybe I'm way off target!

--I also wanted to mention what a fan I am of your blog. I love children's books and love talking about them as well, so after reading your blog for quite awhile, I started my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

We still have to see this movie, I having read the first half of the book!