Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from the Pigeon

Since Mo Willems' pigeon books are cherished by my one-year-old, of course we knew what he had to be for Halloween (I based it on a photo I saw on Mo's blog last Halloween) I hope you see some of your favorite characters around town!
Have a Spooky day!


Franki said...

What a great costume! ADORABLE:-) Thanks for sharing. Made my day!

J.R. and Meg +3 said...

Steph, I LOVE this costume!! You did a great job and Alyssa said, "remember that book" when she saw pictures. Hope things are going well in SL!!

I am Laura said...

Just read the hot dog pigeon book to my kids last night. Ally laughed and laughed. I wish I was as creative as you in making Halloween costumes. This one was awesome.

Lisa Chin said...

I just found your website while searching for something else and got a great laugh out of your little ones Halloween costume. SO CUTE! Good job. I love Mo Willem's pigeon books, but who doesn't really?

I love the idea of your Children's Lit bookclub too. My bookclub needs a serious shot in the arm - maybe Children's Lit would be just the right medicine!

bethany said...

This costume is so great! I love book character costumes-my son was Max from Where the Wild Things Are this past year!

Great job!

Carol said...

I know this is an old post but I just ran across your blog while searching for a pigeon costume idea for my son's storybook character day. Did you make this costume? It is adorable!! If you made it, was it difficult to make? Thanks, Carol

Rebecca said...

Great costume! How did you make it? I'm going to try to make it for myself this year for our annual Halloween party for the children. (I'm on the children's staff of a public library.) Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kristy said...

we love mo books!!! my son gavin, now 8 is already getting excited about reading them to his new sister sophie, 4 weeks old! creed is looks wonderful!!

Annette Witherspoon ♥ said...

Hello Stephanie. I love this costume. My five year old's preschool class is studying the pigeon books and he wants to be the pigeon for Halloween. I've looked all over online for a pigeon costume or a pattern and haven't had any luck. Could you give me some instructions on how to make one? I mostly need a pattern. Thank you! -Annette

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