Saturday, September 20, 2008

Local book signing

Yesterday, my son and I made it to Marc Brown and Judy Sierra's book signing at The Kings English. We arrived late because my son is one and had we arrived early, no one would have been able to hear the presentation. It was lovely meeting both of them and they were both as wonderful and warm as you'd expect them to be. The part that I found annoying is that to receive a ticket for a place in line for the signing, you had to purchase either Born to Read or Wild About Books. I had no problem with purchasing books there to be signed, I'm all about supporting my independent bookstore, but why those two and not others? Both books are good, but they are not my favorites by either author/illustrator so there were many others I would rather have purchased there. The salesclerk told me that they weren't happy about the policy either, but they had to agree to those publisher stipulations in order to book the signing.

Ok, rant over, at least I only had to buy one so I also picked up the extremely clever Mind Your Manners B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra and had that signed for my son's book collection too.

The sad part was that my camera was missing so I ended up with blurry cell phone pictures. These pictures make me laugh because after waiting in a very long and hot line, my son doesn't look too impressed, does he?
We'll chalk it up to teething because, hello? Who wouldn't be thrilled to meet Marc Brown and Judy Sierra?

Alright, I totally admit that right now, we attended the book signing because I wanted to meet them, but I truly think that one day my son will think it's cool to see these pictures tucked into his signed copies. There was a little boy in front of us who could not believe he was meeting the man who could draw Arthur better than his mom, and it's moments like that that make book signings so fun.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I love that you do this.

Okie said...

That's so cool. I forgot all about this and ended up too busy to squeeze it in.

I was able to meet Marc Brown last fall at a presentation he gave. He is a very fun, intelligent and down to earth person and it was great hearing him speak and then chatting with him for a few minutes while getting some books signed for the kids. He has a great personality and absolutely loves people and especially kids.

I haven't met Judy Sierra, but I would hope/suspect a meet and greet with her would be similar. Last year, Marc actually spoke a little bit about the collaboration effort with Judy and how much fun he was having working with her.

I'm glad you were able to make it...bummed that I didn't. Oh well, another time. :)

amyh said...

Johnny will be so impressed! He's really into Arthur right now.

Britain said...

So Steph, last year Marc Brown came to Henderson and we missed out on meeting him. In fact I had never taken my kids to a book signing. Tonight I finally followed your lead and took them to meet author/illustrator Mark Ludy. They loved it! Check out their happiness on I will now be searching out any children's authors that come to town. On our way out, Ryan shouted "I love books!!!" You gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

I love that you do this with Creed, and I'm glad I've been able to tag along a couple of times!