Friday, September 21, 2007

October - Linda Sue Park

This month we're doing a Linda Sue Park author study. We are reading:

A Single Shard
When My Name Was Keoko
Project Mulberry
The Kite Fighters
If you finish all of our selections and are looking for more to read, pick up some of Linda Sue Park's other books:Archer's Quest, See-Saw Girl, The Firekeeper's Son, Bee-Bim Bop, Yum! Yuck!, Mung-Mung!, What Does Bunny See, Tap Dancing On The Roof, and Click a chapter book with each chapter written by a different author which will be released next month.

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Storystitcher said...

Hello! I've just discovered your gorgeous blog. A question: When you say "we" are doing an author study, who is "we?" Can anyone be a part, or are you a physical group that meets somewhere? (I'm a retired elementary school librarian who is going back to work as a part-time assistant in a public library children's room. I'm SO ready to get back into reading children's books.