Monday, May 08, 2006

Among the Free - by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The newest (and final) installation of The Shadow Children Series, Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix, has been released. I was surprised to hear this would be the last in the series. I wondered how Haddix would finish up her complicated plot. The answer: almost as simply as possible (a little too simply if you ask me, but I still enjoyed the book).

The Shadow Children Series is set in a futuristic society where a law was passed to combat overpopulation by limiting every family to a maximum of two children. The series begins following Luke, a third child raised in hiding; a shadow child. Luke joins up with other third children in the battle against the corrupt population police for their freedom. The books in the series alternate between the perspectives of different third children working with Luke. Among the Free returns to Luke’s perspective for the dramatic conclusion.

I’m not sure this book would do well as a stand alone because depends too much on character development from previous books, but I was happy with it as the conclusion. The books continues in the series’ themes of hope, the consequences of mob mentality, and what freedom really is.

I’m anxious to see what Haddix writes next!

You can read an interview with Haddix about writing Among the Brave here.


Anonymous said...

I think think this book will be totaly awesome. I can't wait till I read the new book to the shadow children series!

Anonymous said...

it was all good and there maybe new ones and i really can't wait. The books to me were very very cool.

Anonymous said...

i read the whole shadow childerin series, i loved them sooo much!i cant wait to read more. :D im your biggest fan margeret!

Anonymous said...

yo wat up man and i am a girl i loveeeee these series i was so into it during class i would hide the book under my paper and read

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite series i wanna get the book!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i know i just love this book its awesome i read the whole series and im working on reading all the books she has ever written i a only have 6 more to go!!! :D